Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to overcome procrastination behaviours


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The purpose of the CBT for Procrastination Behaviours course is to help you to learn a range of cognitive, emotive and behavioural techniques so that you can change the patterns of thinking and acting that result in you continually putting off doing what your better judgment tells you should be done now, often with severe consequences for your career, your relationships and your self-esteem.


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In this CBT for Overcoming Procrastination programme you will:

  • Learn the five phases of positive change from procrastination to productivity.
  • Understand how the 'promissory', "I'll get to it later" mindset takes hold and serves as a cognitive diversion — the 'manaña trap'
  • Begin to break Procrastination Thinking as an automatic habit, through thought monitoring
  • Become more adept at withstanding the emotional drives to retreat from productive pursuits, particularly when reacting to anxiety, fears and unpleasant emotions.
  • Learn to let go of short-term rewards in favour of longer term gains
  • Learn acceptance strategies, leading to a willingness to accept tension, one of the major causes of procrastination.

"It always seems impossible until it is done"

Nelson Mandela


The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Overcoming Procrastination Behaviours course is a series of sixweekly, one-hour sessions. I cover the following:

Session(s) Course content
Week 1 Assessment and Formulation
Week 2 Understanding the 'natural causes' of Procrastination
Week 3 Specific techniqes for breaking through procrastination barriers that affect work and productivity
Week 4 Stress reduction techniques, including Mindfulness
Week 5 Building resilience to negative feelings you automatically have towards tasks
Week 6 Putting it all together


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Procrastination is…

Procrastination is writing Thankyou letters. Procrastination is not writing Thankyou letters

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