So, what are the treatment strategies I offer?

I have a range of psychotherapy programmes and treatment strategies specifically customised to treat particular conditions — from depression and anxiety to the most severe mood and personality disorders — based on my own assessment of each strategy’s efficacy for the particular emotional issue

The focus, though, is always on improving the skills you need to manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Individual Therapy

A range of individual psychotherapy treatments and therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour (DBT) skills training

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Couples Therapy

A range of psychotherapy treatments for relationship problems for couples of any status or orientation

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Group Work

For Dialectical Behaviour Group therapy. You'll also find information about the work I do in schools around Mindfulness

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DBT Skills Reinforcement - Skype

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Reinforcement via online videoconferencing - Skype

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy How To

Getting Through A Crisis Without Making it Worse

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